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Please note that we are now analysing the data collected through this survey up to 16 July 2018 (the initial deadline), so that we can inform and proceed with the project.  However, we are leaving open this survey for you to continue to share your experiences and ideas until 31 December 2018.  We will check these subsequent responses regularly.  Thank you. 


The University of Bristol has been commissioned by the Home Office and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales to investigate (a) the nature and (b) the prevalence of prostitution and sex work in England and Wales.

In summary, we have been asked to describe what is going on, and in what numbers.  It is important to underline that we have not been asked to recommend what ought to be going on, i.e. we have not been asked to make recommendations on law and policy.  However, clearly our findings could be used by future governments to shape policy.

This project has been granted permission by a University of Bristol Research Ethics Committee, and is led by Professor Marianne Hester OBE.

We are seeking input from people currently or formerly involved in prostitution and sex work, academics, NGOs/charities, criminal justice and health practitioners, police and others.

We are aware of the differences of opinion on this issue, exemplified for instance in the use of the terms ‘prostitution’ and ‘sex work’. We recognise that these differences have had a profound effect on the production of academic, policy and practice knowledge in this area. It is our intention that this research will provide a useful resource for individuals of all shades of opinion.

We also recognise that individuals and groups can feel over-consulted and under-recognised.  We know that completing surveys takes time.  We commit to being inclusive in how the the information that you share is recognised. 

All the information collected within this survey will be held securely and confidentially. Your name or identifying details will not be identified alongside your survey comments in any publications.  We would like to publish a list of survey respondents because this is publicly funded research.  However, you are welcome to opt out of this list (see section 4) to protect your privacy.

The only exception to confidentiality is if you tell us that a child under 18 is at risk of serious harm. In this case we may need to inform someone. 

What do we ask in the survey?

We have some preliminary questions about you and about confidentiality.  We then have 6 questions.  You can see that these may be relevant to different respondents:

  • Is there any particular study, report or other publication that you think it is important that we pay attention to for this project? Please give details.

  • Are there particular 'types' of prostitution and sex work that you feel need to be included in this project? Please give details.

  • Are there particular individuals or groups that you believe we need to speak to? Please give details.

  • Does your organisation collect numerical data on prostitution and sex work which you think would be useful for this project? If so, please give details and ensure your email is entered in Section 8 above.

  • Do you have an experience that you think would help us to understand better what prostitution and sex work looks like today in England and Wales? If so, please give details.

  • Please add any other comments in this section.

For fuller FAQs and updates about this survey, please visit the project page:

While respondents may of course copy and paste stock responses in to the survey, we do also encourage you to express your own voices and experiences.  Each new voice, suggested resource or experience furthers our evidence base.

We will also be holding further consultations over the course of 2018 to review and refine our emerging findings. If you are interested in participating in these, please include your email and indicate your interest in section 14.

We will be completing this work in Spring 2019.

If you have any queries regarding this research, please complete your contact details below and enter your query in to section 14 and we will come back to you.

Thank you for your time.